Trash Collection Updates

The inventory of East Greenville Trash bags will be running out at the beginning of next week. With the upcoming changes to the trash collection system in East Greenville on January 1st, the borough will not be purchasing more trash bags but will be selling the stickers as shown here. The stickers will be sold until the new Totes are distributed. The stickers will be sold for $1.00 each and need to be attached near the top of each trash bag you place out for collection. These stickers are in place of the green borough trash bags. Please do not purchase more trash bags or stickers than you will use by the last collection day in 2021 (December 27). There will be no refunds for unused stickers or green borough bags. The supplier of the plastic East Greenville trash bags has a minimum order that would exceed the demand until the end of this year. We will be selling these stickers at Borough Hall and at EZShoppe. The Borough appreciates your cooperation as we move to a more efficient trash system.

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