New Trash Bag Stickers

The borough will be transitioning from the green East Greenville Borough trash bags to a temporary trash bag sticker. The stickers cost $1.00 and can be purchased at EZShoppe, 4th & Main Streets, or at Borough Hall, 206 Main Street. Due to the minimum quantities required for purchasing trash bags from our supplier, we will be selling the stickers to comply with the current regulations and to differentiate between the trash bags and bags that residents set out with their recycling. The photo included is an example of how the sticker can be attached to individual trash bags. Our contractor has been informed of the switch. Please do not purchase more borough trash bags or stickers than you will use before December 27. The borough will not issue refunds for unused borough trash bags or stickers. We will be transitioning to 96-gallon Totes for trash and a 96-gallon Tote for recycling. Over the last several years, we have heard complaints about the trash bags. The new Tote system will not require special bags or special stickers. Every residence will receive a new Tote.

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