Parks and Open Space Plan

The East Greenville Borough Planning Commission has been working on updating the Parks and Open Space Plan for the Borough. The 2019 East Greenville Parks and Open Space Plan reviews additions to the parks and open spaces owned by the borough since 2006 and considers them in the context of all of the surrounding parks and open space. Also reviewed are environmental and pedestrian access topics such as street greening, sidewalk connections, proposed county bicycle routes, and recommendations from other plans. A vision for the future of parks and open space in East Greenville is identified: “East Greenville is an attractive, walkable borough with trees, plants, and flowers throughout the town that offers residents quality parks and outdoor recreation opportunities. Residents and visitors enjoy living a healthy active lifestyle with well-maintained parks that offer something for all ages.” The plan lists seven overall objectives along with recommended actions to achieve those objectives (pages 30-32). Also included are recommendations specific to each park (pages 32-35). Detailed concept plans were developed for Bieler Park and Action Park, and implementing the concept plan for Bieler Park (pages 36-41) is identified as the top priority of the plan.

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